How does your plate stack up?

27 Jun

Trying to eat a little healthier these days?  The USDA has a great resource to help jumpstart your menu.  Go to and you will find recipes, menus, and lots of other ideas to guide you to a healthier diet.  One of those is the MyPlate graphic. Use it to see how your own breakfast, lunch, or dinner plate stacks up against what’s recommended.  Half the plate should consist of fruit and vegetables, and the other half of grains and protein.  Let’s try it!

Here’s what lunch looked like for us yesterday:

Compare it to the USDA’s MyPlate:

Our lunch consisted of turkey wraps, fresh sliced peaches, and fresh sliced cucumbers and peppers. I think we did pretty well! The only thing missing is a glass of low fat milk.  And that’s easy to add.  MyPlate provides a simple way to look at your meal and see if you have all the basics in your meal.  Try it!

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Posted by on June 27, 2012 in Nutrition


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